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One of the 5 tricks to have so many “like” on Instagram is definitely to share interesting things. Unfortunately we have the mistaken belief that the photos we make are always beautiful. But it is not true that it is so for others too. It is necessary to load viral contents, ie they are shareable. To do this, just look at the most popular profiles and their publications. More photos are original and interesting and more “like” we will have on our channel.

To be loved or not to be loved. That is...
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The psychological need for love

One of the basic needs of the human being is love. Psychologists do not consider this a problem as long as it does not significantly affect your life. Obviously, this affectation must be negative. Some examples are:

When your need for love prevents you from having a happy life. Do you sound familiar phrases like: "love does not exist because I have not found someone who loves me" ?.
You have the exaggerated doubt that someone can love you. Worse yet, you test the love of others.

The need to feel loved has become the priority of your life. In fact, you do everything possible to achieve it.


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