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Facebook is a great tool for online marketing and networking with groups of like-minded people. Facebook has personal and business accounts and efforts should be made for the transition to a business account if you start with a personal account, to comply with the policy. Facebook provides a valuable social media traffic to a company and is used to publish articles, pictures and special topics, event invite and interact with people.

Since 2006 it is active in the personal profile homepage, the News-feed, an aggregator that shows in their own updates and the Friends of the account holder. Initially, this system has been criticized by users, according to some of the News-Feed, which included a lot of unwanted and irrelevant information, while others put too much emphasis on personal and potentially sensitive information (such as changes in their emotional situation or participation in events and conversations with other users). In response to these criticisms they were given the opportunity to choose what type of information automatically shared and with whom. Today it is possible to assemble groups of friends into categories and choose which categories share certain information (such as changes in the profile, wall posts and adding new friends).

One of the most used applications on Facebook are the photos where users can upload an unlimited number of albums of images (unlike other online sharing services like Photobucket and Flickr). The only limit is the maximum number of 1,000 photos per album. Privacy settings can be changed for each album and limited or no vision to certain users. Another feature of the photos is the Tag feature, with which you must generate a “tag” on an image indicating  is in the image and creating a link to that profile if someone who uses Facebook. This automatically for each profile, create a collection of photos in which that user has been tagged.

  • Using Facebook for personal messages
  • Use Facebook to post photos
  • Using Facebook to display videos
  • Using Facebook to sell products or services
  • Using Facebook for dating and / or sex
  • Using Facebook for politics
  • Using Facebook for solidarity actions

Take advantage of it

There are people who take advantage of any instrument, device, apparatus or way they offer you to improve in every aspect. This is the same. We must try to think what we can serve and do not overwhelm us.

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