Facebook at all: pure operational technology.

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Facebook integrates some of the above functions in your applications for mobile devices, such as the ability to upload content, receive and reply to messages, send and receive “poke” (ie, to call the attention of a user touching symbolically shoulder) that users write on the “wall” or simply the ability to navigate the site.

As for its technological platform, Facebook pages are written in PHP language and then translated into C ++ converter HipHop for PHP, designed specifically for Facebook. With this technology, Facebook gets a saving of processor utilization of 50% of their servers.

Facebook is programmed as a single application. According to the engineer Chuck Rossi, Facebook is 1.5GB of binary code that is distributed to servers via the BitTorrent protocol.

In autumn 2008 made available an API system designed for integration of external sites. Using Connect, you can connect to your Facebook account to an account in an external Web site used to insert comments or articles, such as a blog. In practice, you can use your Facebook credentials to access all sites that support Facebook Connect.

From a technical standpoint Connect is possible through a JavaScript library shotcrete for Facebook and an extension of the XHTML language called FBML. This language allows developers to place on the pages of a site dynamic elements such as buttons, forms, multimedia and more. The FBML language is then analyzed by the same Facebook that “translates” special HTML tags and styles needed [26]. Facebook pages are also using the AJAX technology.

As for the armed scheme of your computer, Facebook is comparable to Myspace, but with a significant difference between the two platforms on the level of customization of the home page. While Myspace allows users to enrich the style pages using HTML and CSS, on Facebook you can enter text only. Everything is pre-programmed.

Facebook in 2008 to introduce a renewal of the user interface Beta, improvements have gradually applied to all pages of the site. Personal profiles were divided into tabs according to the different sections (“Friends”, “pictures”, etc.) and, in general, the graphics are minimized.

THE GREAT interconnected network
  • Connectivity with other services
  • technological PERFORMANCE

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Improvements appear periodically and always surprising features are announced

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