Facebook admits that their social network is used by governments also for fake news

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During elections Use fake accounts to manipulate information.

Proposals for propaganda and manipulation of information apparently orchestrated by governments or organized parties, exploiting the ‘fake news’ but also false profiles that aim to influence public opinion. It is the alarm launched by Facebook in a report that for the first time makes this admission. During the last US elections, reads, false accounts were created to spread stolen information by e-mail even though the volume of these activities was “statistically very small”.

The alarm launched by Facebook is contained in a report explaining what his team is doing to counter this complex phenomenon that defines “information operations”. With regard to American presidencies, it is stated that the volume of these activities was “statistically very small compared to the general involvement in political affairs.”

This is the first time the social network makes such an admission. In the wake of the controversy over the circulation of false news on Facebook during the US election campaign, Mark Zuckerberg called the idea “crazy”.

The platform, however, has already taken action against and not just in the US. In France – where the presidential are going – the Facebook team has already removed over 30,000 false accounts.

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These news comes on the day that the public also publishes the usual global report on government data requests for the second half of 2016. They increased by 9% compared to the first part of the year.

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